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Fabulous leather handbags made in Italy for resellers, wholesale directly from the Italian suppliers.

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Since 2000 the ItalianModa B2B marketplace helps, for free, thousands of wholesale buyers all around the world to:

find tens of qualified Italian manufacturers, brands or wholesale distributors of quality Italian leather handbags and fashion faux-leather bags
see and select several hundreds of hard-to-find "made in Italy" handbags sold B2B
contact the Italian manufacturers or brands to learn more about their fantastic handbags and the wholesale prices
find great deals of closeout or overstock Italian handbags
get quotations for Private Label handbags

Many companies offering premium or luxury leather handbags also offer a dropshipping service. Learn more about dropshipping of Italian handbags.


You can also visit the acclaimed ItalianModa B2B MALL, where you can find a large number of exclusive Italian handbags you can purchase wholesale on the fly.
It is an online wholesale platform where you can place orders for "made in Italy" handbags directly from the manufacturers or brands. Anytime.
Watch the explainer video about the ItalianModa B2B MALL.

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